We are a brand aimed at
people who value
natural fibers

Our company is dedicated to the production and export of clothing and accessories for women, men, children, babies; as well as decorative items such as blankets and cushions. We work with trained weavers, our work is done by hand, by homemade machines and by computerized electronic machines.

We use natural fibers such as alpaca wool, baby alpaca, pima cotton, tanguis, organic cotton and other fibers. We can produce exclusive, high-quality designs in small quantities for boutiques or in large quantities for chain stores.

Alberto Caceres Trelles Co-Founder / General Manager

I am from Lima PERU, with studies in Engineering and Foreign Trade. From a young age, I traveled through my country and met many men and women who knit fine garments using ancient techniques. Unique pieces. I decided to form my company to use this valuable knowledge and translate that art into modern designs using alpaca fiber, organic cotton and other fibers. I have been traveling for 8 years to Business Meetings related to the Textile Industry and I participate in Textile Fairs in Peru, America and Europe representing my country Peru. I speak English and German, languages that allow me to establish commercial and friendship bridges with clients. In these International Events I present beautiful designs that we managed to make with our work team. I have created new techniques to make unique fabrics for the international market. We have managed to have important clients, Independent designers, boutique owners and chain stores who like our designs. We also develop collections for our clients with their own brand. We seek to open new opportunities for our Company.

Julia Trelles Co-Founder

I'm from Lima, Peru. I have studies in Engineering, Administration and Training in Foreign Trade. I got to know the communities of the Southern Sierra of Peru during the trips that I was able to make through these beautiful towns. The fabrics they made were very valuable, rescuing the techniques of their indigenous ancestors. They needed so much support. Men and women who wanted to improve their quality of life. Our company decided to work with weavers and weavers who spend part of their time training with us. We teach them to make high quality fabrics. With them we managed to merge their art, with new innovative techniques and we managed to make unique garments of very high quality using alpaca fiber, organic cotton, Pima cotton, bamboo, linen and other blends. We continue to incorporate into our group women fighters and masters of weaving. Teaching young people to rescue their invaluable heritage.

Our Team

We have a group of enthusiastic men and women who work with Manual Looms, Homemade Machines, Sticks, Crochet, Macrame, Horquilleta and many other techniques that they learn with us, carefully making beautiful Collection garments. They live around Lima in low-income areas. Others live far from Lima in the high Provinces of the South Zone of Our Peru in the Valleys of the Andes. They train and work hard while their children study for a better future. We teach them new techniques that are fused with the ancestral ones. Our fabrics (Handmade) comply with the established Norms of Environmental Protection and Exportation.

We also have the support of technicians trained in Computerized Electronic Industrial Machines for larger volume orders

We have been suppliers for more than 8 years of an international company that sells all over the world. They are FAIR TRADE Certified. They are affiliated with UNESCO, which supports and promotes them worldwide. We have signed with them a Commitment not to work with minors (child exploitation), Fair Trade and Protection of the Environment.


Raise awareness and educate people in our environment about the need to respect, protect and conserve the environment, with our activity, using alpaca wool, SME cotton, organic cotton and other natural products in our projects, from an ecological and sustainable thinking.


We are dedicated to producing garments, decoration items and dolls with alpaca fibers, pima cotton and organic cotton.

Converting fibers into artistic and utilitarian works.

We use in an innovative and traditional way different techniques for each of our projects with dyes that are not harmful to the environment and to the human being.

We use various techniques such as crochet, stick, horquilleta, looms, machine among others.

Thus, each of our unique pieces.